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My Husky not eating

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Hi all, I'm new here, I'd like some advice about my dog. Since I brought here in the UK I have a problem. At first he started eating now not too much eating canned food and berries for dogs. I like the food cooked in the house. What Food for dogs do you recommend

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There are some great post regarding this topic.

Every dog has different needs. It took me a few months to figure out what worked best for mine.

 I googled a lot of the info. 

My male has specific diet needs so what I feed him my not work.

But, I boiled turkey and mixed in veggies (google the list that can be given). I also boiled turkey necks to make broth.


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I feed totally raw   rather than home cooked -  but this article should give you the basic knowledge to get the balance right.    It is not difficult or hard  -  just takes a couple of days to get your hear wrapped around it.      If you decide to go completely raw I can let you have details of around 20 articles that should help   -   plus  the details of all the different vitamins & minerals in some of the various foods.


Try this one out for size and see how you go.

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1 hour ago, DjSannan said:

Okay, but there's no. seen food recipes. Just explain

I am sorry,  I have already said I do not feed home cooked - I feed raw.     If you want to feed home cooked then you will have to do some research.    There are only a  few people here who could give you  recipes for home cooked food - hopefully one of them will see your post.    As a raw feeder  I usually  give  two different meats and one fish daily.   In addition I add things like blueberries,  raw sprouts, asparagus, broccolli  etc.    The fish I give my dogs is  fresh (frozen) sardines or herrings  -  just cut up,  head, liver, everything - the whole fish.    My dog has several food allergies so its no use my telling you exactly what I feed him as I cannot feed him any poultry or pork - which you could.

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Double check %s . Mine are proportioned for working Huskies. My male has GI  disease and both have food intolerance. And they are 18 months old.

You will need to check with a Holistic vet (that knows Huskies) for YOUR pups %s

(This is good for feeding two for 3 days- cooked in crockpot)

3lbs of Turkey, 2 red bell peppers, 4 celery, 1 apple skinned), 3 cups spinach,  1 to 3 cups butternut squash (depending on stomach issues) 1 zucchini, 

You can add carrots, Quinoa, beans.

Summer feeding 

1 lb Elk (or venison, Wild Boar, Mt. Sheep, and Buffalo).

3 cups Kale (Not with Elk it is already a hot meat you can do  spinach - best with Wild Boar) 1/4 cups Portabella mushrooms,  1 summer  squash, 1/4 cranberry's,  1/4 green red yellow peppers each, 1/2 banana (mushed in last), 1 cup green beans.

 I change and substitute 

Instead of peppers I use beats 

instead of banana I use mango

instead of kale I use spinach 

instead of cranberry I use blueberries or strawberry 

Winter feedings I switch to fish

Fall and spring Fowl

What I use in my meal plans are geared around my pups.

It all depends on how my male is doing, if he is recovering from a blowout, energy spent that day, are they going to be running the next day, if they ate something they shouldn’t have while out, and are they taking meds.

For treats I feed Beef hearts. I cook mine and the slice it up and then dry it out. I can give a higher amount because the processing takes out some nutrition.

Keep in mind HEALTHY dogs can have grains

Brown rice, quinoa, barley.

What works for mine may not work for yours.

There are a ton of recipes on YouTube. Including some awesome fun stuff for breakfast and treats.There is a ton of info about what to mix what shouldn’t be mixed. How much to feed.

Always  introduce new feeds slowly. Pay attention to their stool. NEVER feed cooked bones. 10% of their diet needs to be organ meat.

I posted all the %s on the forum under Health and diet if you want a full breakdown.





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