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Welcome to the forum   -  she's lovely.    Huskies  ARE stubborn   -   as she gets older you will come across the well known  "you want me to do that?   What's in it for me?" attitude  -   that, and every other attitude you can think of.    Its what makes them so challenging, and rewarding.  There's no other breed like them.    My two are completely different from each other   (the other thing about being owned by a husky is that you will soon discover that one is not enough)    

Never under-estimate her intelligence, and dont let her get bored, ...........................  if you don't keep her occupied she will find something to occupy herself    -  and it usually turns out to be very very expensive   -  as I know to my cost  :huskyfall:


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Oh she is beautiful 💞 we got ours as a 2 year old so never done the puppy stage but know that stubborn wilful and an ability to argue are all endearing qualities that us husky people get to know and love xxx 

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