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Husky puppy coat color change

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Hi there, I have a 4 month old or so husky puppy. The day I picked her up she was brown in color. I thought she might actually be a brown husky in the future. She has changed color a ton and I’m curious, what color even is she?  I love her regardless of her color, but I am definitely wondering if she’s going to keep her facial markings? Has anyone else had any drastic changes in their huskies fur? What color would she be considered now? I provided a ton of pictures of her with her coloring from about a month ago and the darker images are of her coloring now.












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My colour change older husky     I thought he was going to be wolf-grey     


604029558_P1010702(Copy)(2).thumb.JPG.0a12ea81cd82508a98de01325e31050d.JPG 1282115756_P1010698(Copy).thumb.JPG.30f77a27b101ad4928785cdf556b415b.JPG

1124247701_P1010708(Copy).thumb.JPG.9c4489799405996e4e04b968a60f9e25.JPG 1088764774_P1020004(Copy).thumb.JPG.b23314f762440eb37b6881305a9ffb79.JPG

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