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Hi everyone. 

I am glad I have found this site. 

I need some help on my Sibe, we’ve had him only 2 weeks, he left his mum at the rightful age of 8 weeks and went to live with a family for 6 weeks who unfortunately realised they did not have the time for him with 2 small children. ( it’s unknown to me how they did not think this through but there you go ...)

as I get to know Loki, I find him rather odd politely speaking. 

He has had an upset tummy and is currently having rice and boiled chicken 3 times daily but his moods are almost bipolar. 

Today he is worrying me as not stopped sleeping and doesn’t want to go for a walk!is this a sibe trait? Or should I be worried? 

He has his moments don’t get me wrong and has been playful but not like a normal 4 month puppy. 

I feel like he hates me or hates it here with us 😞

any advice is appreciated! 



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Seems like the theme of the day. LOL

My male is sooo mad at me right now. I am sure I will find pee in the tub today. That’s what he does when he is upset with me. 🥴

First off, have you taken him to the vet for a puppy check up?

Could he have a blockage?

Did he recently get vaccinated?

Poor little guy is probably stressed out from changing homes and is unsure if he is going to be given up again.

Stress, bad food, food allergies or intolerances can all cause this.

4 months was a hard age to get through with my two. I also noticed that they behaved differently while going through a growing spurt.

Get him vet checked if you haven’t already, make sure he is on a good quality food (doesn’t mean the most expensive but good for him). Get him on pre and probiotics with enzymes (it will help with the tummy), and give him lots and lots of love and play time.

Probably stressed out, scared, and going through a growing spurt. Mine slept a lot during growing spurts.

All I know is that my male especially is temperamental and moody at times. My girl is pretty stable. 

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