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Is my husky a whooly husky, and can i breed him

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He's a sweet boy, honestly my best friend. I want to breed him before he dies of old age(not right now, he's still young), and am wondering if i could. I know it's looked down upon to breed whooly Huskies because of the defect, but im planning to breed with a normal husky to hopefully get rid of it.

Thanks,  just want to know if that would be okSnapchat-1493880491.thumb.jpg.a148ce28a6fab18213ef97a09a1f2af1.jpg

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Breeding a wooly with a standard coat wont cancel out the wooly , my girl is a wooly and both her parents were standard coats,  its not just coat either,  your dog and the bitch would need both hip/elbow and eye scoring and have a low enough score to make sure you're not passing anything hereditary down the line , this isnt something your normal vet can do and they do need to go to a specialist, he will also need to be breed standard (despite the coat) and kennel club registered, I'm not sure where you are in the world but here rescues are absolutely bursting at the seams full of Huskies,  some specific husky rescues cant take any more in because they're so full :( theres a lot more to it then just putting a dog and a bitch together and hoping for the best,  the sire owner has as much responsibility as the Dams owner with regards to If she needs an emergency c-section or to be on call in the middle of the night/early hours of the morning  when she goes into labour , they're also just as responsible if down the line a pup owner cant keep their dog you would have to take them back on and you cant always guarantee dad and pup will get on down the line , he wont remember it's his pup 

we all love our dogs and would all love to have a part of them to carry on their legacy and remember them by but i don't think breeding is the way to go in doing it , no 2 Huskies are ever the same 

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