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Hot Spots

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Do any of your dogs get hot spots? Marley had his first one a few days ago, he suddenely started biting at his right elbow & at first I thought it was a flea bite, even though he is on Billy No Mates and Flea Away from www.Mange.Org.UK (both safe for epi dogs - Marley is epileptic). Next day when I could get a good look at it, it was about 1/2 inch across, red, inflamed and oozing and I realized it was a hot spot.

Now I dont like meds of any kind if I can get away without them. I used two different preparations. 20 drops of Calendula tincture, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and half a cup of warmish filtered water (to disolve the salt), I waited 10 minutes for the alcohol in the tincture to evaporate and then soaked some cotton wool in the mixture and bathed the area, keeping the cotton wool on the hot spot for a few minutes. About an hour later I made a strong black tea (ordinary tea bag in half a cup water) once this had cooled down I then used the teabag on the hot spot - keeping it on as long as my boy would let me (about 3 mins in his case). I alternated these two each hour for the rest of the day and evening.

Next day the hot spot was dry and had stopped itching and Marley had stopped gnawing at it. Calendula is an excellent skin and wound healer and the salt is drying.  The tannin in the black tea is also drying. This works best if used early on - as soon as you notice it.

I hope this helps someone keep their furbaby away from the vet and vet meds.    Its certainly worth trying first.

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****Gross Pics**** LOL

I woke up one morning to my boy eating his chest.

 I shaved the area, cleaned it, kept it dry, and made him wear a T-shirt. Sissy got to wear one too. Didn’t want her feeling left out. LOL


His new nickname is Iron Man. 🥴

Then He was laying on the couch and I got up to get my drink. When I came back 30 seconds later, he chewed a hole in his butt. 

This one was a vet visit because he needed to be  sedated to see how much damage was done. (Be careful of sedating a Husky! There is a certain brand of sedation that has to be used - my boy did not pull out of this well at all)


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6 hours ago, wolfpup said:

Hope your boy is ok now. 

He is doing great now. Trying to eat his sister’s face at the moment. 



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