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Vocal huskies?

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Hello world :)

I'm a newbie and I just love your forum!

You've all been so open and friendly to me, which I appreciate most.

I have some questions about husky whining, screaming, howling etc.

My boy is very sweet, he just turned 12 months. He's very obedient, I have none of the problems that husky owners have. He hasn't destroyed anything, he has a very good recall, he's perfect off lead,  he does not pull on lead, he knows basic comands as sit, wait, heel, paw/other paw, five, beg, roll over, stand, and musher comands ( gee, haw, hike, whoa) He also is my photo model (I'm a photographer) , he would sit and wait almost everywhere I send him. I am a crate training supporter, but I never had to use it for him. He's completely fine home alone.

The only issue I have with him is his vocal temperament.  And it's sometimes driving me nuts. He just cannot see his breeders, he would go completely nuts, will scream his butt off, like he would be mixed with a monkey and hyena haha. He express his every mood with vocalisation. Sometimes when we're driving in the car (he is used to it, loves it because it means trips and sea side for him) he would whine everytime we stop or just out of boredom. Never ,when we go on a long distance travel, like he feels it, he would sleep the intire way. Sometimes when we go to store, a caffe or other short rides he would whine and be total annoying brat.

He's also a jerk, he wants the whole car for himself, when my ex's dog was riding in the car with him, he was soo annoying, he was screaming, yelling, because he wanted all for himself. Also when my other female is driving with him, he would push her aside and nagg, whine.

We've been working a lot on his vocalisation isuess. We haven't been able to meet any of my friends because he went completely insane, screamed, yelled, whined as hell. Now, we have really improved and I can meet them again without he getting crazy. 

The situation is getting better and better with every day, I'm working my ass of to overcome this.

We're slowly getting better and i'm very proud!

What are your experiences with this?

I mean I knew they are vocal, when they greet you after not seeing you the whole day, I expected that he'll howl when left alone or when he hears a siren, but he never does. He just screams over exitement, in vary situations.

When I meet some friends I always tell them to ignore him, and when he starts showing the signs of excitement  and starts whining, screaming, I simply pull him on heel, and go forward, calmly but firm, then I focus him to look in my eyes saying "watch me"

I think we're gonna make it.

How are you guys dealing with it?

Any experiences?

I just push him into situations like this.

He's very stuborn at this. Previous week I worked intire week with him, I was at my friend's, and we wanted some time for ourselves after a very long walk, my friend has a farm, with a lot of animals, 3 pyrenees dogs and they run all day long. So we put them all in the kennel. Conan was the only one screaming the WHOLE day, I was stuborn and did not take him out after he seetled down and stop.

But the next day he did it again, every day I tried, put him at the kennel when he was tired, never in the morning. Always after running. 

But he did not stop. I mean, when he stop for 5 minutes I took him out, so he would see if he's quiet, he comes out. But this could take all day and the next day he'll repeat.

I'm a very stuborn person and I'll continue my work with him, I  believe I can make it!!

Since I don't have any other isuess with him.

Otherwise he's one of the most obedient sibes I ever seen.




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He sounds like an amazing pup!  I have to admit, I laughed out loud about him wanting the car all to himself!  My boy Floki is usually only vocal in two situations - as a greeting for his family, and when he gets a sassy mouth after being scolded.  It's like he's saying, "It wasn't my fault! He started it!" or "That's not fair!  All the other huskies are doing it!"  A couple of weeks ago, he kept trying to wrestle with my pig (yes, pig), and they were both driving me crazy.  I said, "Floki, stop it!"  and as usually, he started howling about it.  I looked right at him and said, "I don't care WHO started it, I said stop it!"  Oh my gosh, he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me like, "Holy mackeral, she understood me!"  Then he went and sat down, lol!

Like you, I thought for sure he would "talk" a lot more in response to other audible stimuli, like sirens, or other dogs barking/howling.  But it's really just for whining!


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Hi, Kelly 🙋‍♀️

You have a beautiful boy over there!

They are such a gooffy funny brats 🤣

Yesterday Conan jumped into the really big  pound and swam all around it, when he got out he got into his crazy happy state and was running around in circles barking and jumping all over the place :D Such a happy pup, we celebrated his first birthday  :P 

Look at him 😁

And this is how annoying he sometimes gets when we stop the car :D


This is him and me, when my friend came over. I don't have the whole thing, just the end, when he was already calm hahahah.


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Lol, he sounds like a little monkey!😄 I love when they get those excited zoomies too!  Floki loves the water too, but only if he can touch the bottom.  Here he is being a big fraidy cat, and hitching a ride with my husband instead of swimming, lol!


He did love running thru the waves in the ocean though!


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Omg, I love Floki!

He's beautiful! My shepherd Sky, does it too! She would just crawl in your lap and you'll must hold her in the water 😉 

Look at this, my new video of Conan talking 😂this is soooo cute. This is the only  kind of talking, whining that I LOVE! ❤️

One of the reasons why I wanted this breed tho.



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