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Meet Mikey - our newly adopted Sibe

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Would like to introduce you all to Mikey   (was Micco - but Mikey suits him better)  who we adopted yesterday as a buddy for Marley.    


P1020147.thumb.JPG.0f8cb630676abf80c1e5cc03c737b5dc.JPG   P1020153.thumb.JPG.f72f70c14b3a7eed68fba9969e6ac066.JPG   P1020143.thumb.JPG.e723301d864c7701e7eb671c355cbb40.JPG   P1020144.thumb.JPG.867d56bc2bafc94d71f768377e72e652.JPG

He is 3 years old  and we adopted him from SHWA.   Bearing in mind he has only been here 24 hours he is doing remarkably well,  walks nicely on lead (unlike Marley), is interested but not reactive to dogs in the street,   whined for about half an hour when I went to bed but then settled down for the rest of the night.    He is pure white with a light sandy/cream back - and blue eyes.   He is also moulting like crazy!    We did a meet and greet at his foster's house - about 25 miles away on Monday  -  they have 5 huskies of their own  -   and he was very bolshie/over confident  -  but we had him brought to our house yesterday to see if he would be any better here.  He wasn't for the first hour and we had really made up our minds to say no to him  .........  however the fosterers offered to leave him with us for an hour to see how he would be on his own.      When they returned an hour later I told them that they had lost their foster dog as we had decided to adopt him.      He used to live with a cat in his original home  -  but he is WAAAYYY too interested in our cat for me to risk any sort of contact without a 4ft gate AND me inbetween them.    Hopefully he will get used to seeing Socks around.

He and Marley are getting on ok  currently both laid down alseep about a foot apart.   He loves his raw food, is house trained,  the back door is open permanently so I don't know whether he will actually ask to go out  - but his fosterers told me that he could open most of their doors  -  so he may well be like Marley and if he needs to go out will just open the back door by himself.

He reminds us so much of Lunar when he was a young boy.

Welcome to your new home Mikey  - hope you will be happy here.

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Welcome Mikey...handsome lad...

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