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Puppy only chews on certain things?!?


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Hey guys, what's up!

My puppy will turn 1 year next month and I've had him since 9 weeks, everything is going great except that if he finds certain things lying on the floor, he'll immediately pick them up and chew them, such as a small kids toys, paper, remotes plastic, tissues.

But he has NEVER chewed up any furniture, walls, socks/shoes or carpet or even picks up sticks etc on walks.....only the small things i've listed he chews up.


I try to keep these listed things away from his reach but sometimes my little sister leaves them on the floor.

I know many of you will say avoid him from reaching these things, but i want to train him for scenarios where these items are left exposed accidentally.  He also is exercised daily, physically and mentally.


Will I be able to train him to stop chewing these item if he finds them lying on the floor, if so how? What are training methods i can use to help with this issue?



-P.S. This is my first dog so i'm not sure if its normal for all dogs to chew on these item.

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Train the command leave...on the lead when he goes for something short sharp tug on the lead with the command leave... that should work... but remember there will be things this will not work on mine have this problem with tissues...love to shred them 😆 

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I used a long line and tired them to a door knob. Put the item juuuust out of reach. Told them leave it every time they went for it.

When they left it alone, ignoring it, laid down, I would give a high value treat.

Worked great and only took a few minutes.

My girl loves laundry sheets. LOL

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I recently fostered an 8 month old Malamute puppy (already bigger than most full sized malamutes - the size of a smallish Great Dane)   - and realised he had gone very quiet  (always a dangerous sign)  -  He had taken a kitchen roll  that I have to reach up for, well over my head height - and had systematically eaten his way through half of it  - cardboard centre and all.  Luckily no ill effects.    Be thankful that he leaves your furniture alone  - my husky ate an arm off my settee and another one off an armchair - much to the amusement of some members here  :D.    Puppies will be puppies  -  and a bored puppy will always find something to do - and it usually turns out to be expensive in one way or another. 


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Something's are just too tempting, at 8 Solo will still shred tissues and chew plastic bottles will even get them out of the re cycling  have learned to live with it as he sneaks in behind our backs lol. He no longer side surfs but the noise of a plastic bottle is too hard too resist. Figure we all have our hobbies and it would be like me giving up reading .

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