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Possible Mix? Hair length questions.

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Hello everyone. This is Steele. He is 21 weeks today. I got him when he turned 8 weeks. The lady I got him from said he was full breed but no papers as he was a surprise litter so did not register them. He is a cutie so I took him anyway regardless of his lineage but I'm just curious as to y'alls thoughts.

She finally sent me pics of mom and dad and I'm new to Huskies so just asking you all that might be more knowledgeable in husky types, hair length types etc etc.

To me, mom looks like a possible mix. What do you think?

Also, is short hair like Steele's one of the coat styles they have? Just curious if my boy is mixed. His tail JUST started fluffing out and I noticed the hair behind his legs is getting longer. Hes huge! First pic is mom and dad, last pics are of growing Steele.. he looks brownish in the last pics I took just now cuz we just got back from the park so it's bath time, he is black and white.








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Hard to tell with mom and dad. I personally don’t think neither are Purebreds.

He is stinking cute... they will change a lot during growing spurts. Looking lengthy and stuff. 

Mine have short coats.332FE4E0-3D32-40A3-B8D8-3D47F45EF062.thumb.jpeg.47ec69e73f003949e14acb27e8489949.jpegDF526F27-1ADD-406E-AAD5-C052E5E3AED1.thumb.jpeg.803957ba79146a56be320843d143463f.jpeg

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This image is from the AKC Siberian Husky page.


Your dog is a pup and the coat isn't fully developed. According to the breed standard once fully developed, the guard hair should be approximately 3" and the undercoat approximately 1". Longer hair on the back of the hind legs and tail is possible but is outside the breed standard. My Sarah has the longer tail and leg hair though she is AKC registered (non-breeding registry.) It's a result of the extremely close genetic relationship to Malamutes.

If you're interested, the AKC breed standard is here.

ETA: It's hard for me to determine if they're registered but neither parent is breed-standard. Sarah's parents were breed standard but she isn't, she has the coat flaw and her stop is insufficient.

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