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Check with your vet...

1mg per pound of dog.

My girl is 52 pounds so I give her 2   25 mg tablets.

Dogs normally do not like the taste of liquid and will drool it out. You won’t know for sure how much they actually got.

Will make them sleepy.

Why did his eye swell up? If unknown, probably would be a good idea to get him to the vet.

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That looks a LOT like a ZRD flare-up. When Sarah's ZRD starts up the first symptoms are swelling and crusty residue on the swollen skin (that's the secondary yeast infection setting up.)

The rule for Benadryl is 1mg/lb of weight. I use that while waiting for my vet to call in a prednisone prescription.

Alas, ZRD is an exclusionary diagnosis but you should have your vet begin the testing. Diet and zinc supplements help a lot but you don't want to start that until you know your dog needs it.

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