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I'm worried about my Puppy's size


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I been having him for about 3 weeks now and the owner said he was at 6 weeks when I got him he's only grown very little to nothing. I took him to the vet not too long ago and he had round worms he's goteen rid of them now with the medicine they gave me he's been 4 days since and now he's really playful but I'm still worried about his size considering he's only about 3-5 pounds he's tiny he eats and seems he gained some weight but seeing other puppies his age are alot bigger than he is any ideas on how I can increase his growth? 




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Puppies should be with their mum until at least 8 weeks! There’s nothing you can do to make him grow quicker however you may find he has behavioural issues due to leaving his mum too early

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