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Bump in my 4 month old husky gum

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Hello! Emma has started to lose her baby teeth and she has two bumps on each side of her top goal and what it looks like to be on top of the most recent teeth she’s lost. I’ve read online about cancerous bumps but doesn’t seem like the ones I’ve seen online. I have an appointment for the vet in a couple of days but I’m worried. I was hoping someone can shed some light here. Thank you guys in advance 



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My pups had that around the same age.

Puppy kissing herpes 🤣

@BlingBlazenSkyla is correct. No biggy.

 I have a Holistic vet- crushing them will make the immune system kick in faster and it is a shorter recovery.

Most vets will put them on  antibiotics. Unless one is seriously infected or it is down your pups throat (very rare)  antibiotics is not needed. But is contagious to other dogs. It’s common in dogs under a year. 

*it was the first indicator to my pups not having a strong immune system and they are pretty much intolerant to everything and catch everything.*

Untreated it can take up to 4 months to go away. After crushing one large one in each pup, it only took a month.

I posted pics and out come in the forum last year when I went through it.

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