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Summer Shenanigans

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Good evening all!  Simka here. Long time no bark from for sure!  Well, I hope everyone is having a good summer. In Maine, it has been rainy and the mosquitoes and black flies have been out in full force!  Hopefully we see the sun soon!  Well, me and GrizzLee and crew have been ok. Trying to keep our noses clean and stay out of trouble. Somehow trouble always seems to find us!  Been staying at Grizz’s house when mommy works.  Unfortunately Mommy and Carol both worked today so they had to find another doggysitter. Well, my Cuzzin Elizabeth was available and arrived at GrizzLees this morning. As soon as she set foot inside the house all us dogs went nutso at what we saw:


Now us naughty boys have not had a new pair of nikes in an eternity and these smelled heavenly delicious. Grizz, Roscoe, Snickers,Rusty, and myself all crowded around them for a good hungry taste.  Elizabeth tried to dodge us and sat down in the living room. We all followed and gathered around her feet. 


All that new white nike leather was sooo soft and chewy and it didn’t take us 5 big dogs long to drown them in warm slimy doggy slobber and start pulling out the laces.  Cuzzin thought she could escape and went and sat at the dining room table, but we all shimmied under the table and took turns chewing until we wrestled them right off her feet. 


Rusty and Grizz growled and snorted the whole time!


After we ate Cuzzins yummy new nikes off, we took them out back to GrizzLees secret sneaker chewing hideout where we have been all afternoon enjoying them. 


Hopefully Cuzzin stays over tonight so we can have her new nikes for a yummy late night dessert. Paws crossed!!!!!

Simka and Crew

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