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PD Finn's Law

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It has been a long time comming but  we won and now its law, Service Animals that means  Police dogs and horses, Search and Rescue dogs, and even Service/Assitance/Guide dogs

now have recognition and protection of law, personaly I think they should have used the American modle that saw the dog as a full officer  but it is a start



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What some people may not know is that the criminal that attacked them was charged but  he was only given a hand slap punishment for the attack on PD Finn.

At the time service animals had no real protection under the law, so they were seen as soft targets for abuse. Infact most police departments did not even bother

to record or charge people with the attacks as they were hardley ever prosocuted for them.  Police dogs are used to check rooms for bombs and hidden attackers

Drug dealers are known to keep dogs that when a police raid  happens they let out, dogs that will attack anything that moves  man or dog, The criminal runs leaving

The police to deal with the dangerous dog in the hopes it gives them time to escape.


In the UK until this law  those service animals had no real protection  or recognition under the law, people tried to get them this protection but the new law was blocked

Several times, But Finns handler  and now owner fought hard with the help of a group of people to Force the goverment and law makers to give these dogs protection

they deserve and now we and they have it, 

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