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How behaved was yours at 1 year?


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Hey what's up guys!

My guy is turning 1 year in a couple months and I just wanted to see how he is doing in comparison to other huskies that was his age, and see if his current issues are completely normal for his age, and if they will go away with continued training....

Right now the only issues are: 
- Lunges at other dogs to play when he gets real close, only dogs.(Have gotten a lot better compared to before)
- Goes crazy when greeting other people, will jump up and never greet calmly if someone wants to pet him
- Sorta can't leave him alone unsupervised, only thing he will guarantee to chew are remotes if left on table
-Run out the front door if accidentally opened

Did any of you guys have similar issues with your huskies at this age and did they go away with continued training? 
Is this too many issues for a 1 year old dog?

I am a first time husky/dog owner and not sure if these are normal behaviors for a 1 year old dog, so im kinda losing my mind, and so I just wanted to see how other huskies are doing, thanks for your help!

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Chewing is normal,  does he get a good walk before you leave him ? Does he have plenty of toys ? If so it might be worth looking into crate training , my girl used to be a nightmare for chewing but we crated her when we went out and constantly supervised her when we were home   she did eventually learn/grow out of it 


Door dashing is normal husky behaviour , they're escape artists bred to run ,  make sure from now on your dog is in another room with the door shut or behind a dog/baby gate when opening the door 


Dont let people stroke your dog until hes calm , make him sit first and instead of people reaching over your dogs head to stroke ask them to keep them arm down and low to give a chin scratch instead , it's a less intimidating approach for the dog and if he goes to jump give him a firm no and walk away , not everyone has to stroke your dog and he needs to learn that too 


With other dogs if he lunges do the same turn and walk away till hes calm , turn and walk back towards the dog (it might help if u have a friend or a few with dogs to practise with ) every time he lunges u turn and walk away , he'll soon learn that behaviour gets him nowhere 

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I agree with what Nixhas said! When dogs are pups people think it’s cute when they jump up and they pet them. Unfortunately the dog grows and suddenly people don’t think it’s cute anymore, but the dog is used to getting a fuss when they jump up! He needs to learn that he only gets a fuss when he’s calm.
Try crate training to help him be left alone if he’s being destructive. Don’t leave anything out you don’t want to be chewed!
Huskies are well known escape artists and will run out of an open door at any opportunity. It’s your responsibility to make sure the front door isn’t left open

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The first time Marley dived out the front door I had only had him two days  -  and he was 13 weeks old!    Luckily the postman caught him for me about 50 yards up the street.     Ever since I shut the dogs in the lounge before opening the front door  -  but he has escaped twice more when hubby did not follow this routine  -  luckily for us he came back on recall both times.     

We will be getting a new foster dog on Friday which we know very little about so I have installed a 4ft gate in the hallway  -   much easier than wrestling two dogs into the lounge each time!   BB&S above gives excellent advice   -  Marley is a 'frustrated greeter'  (yes it is actually a 'thing')  and it sounds as if your boy is the same.    He is now 3 1/2  and its taken 6 months of consistent training to get him not to jump up people  -  he still pulls like crazy for dogs  when on a short lead  -  but on his 30ft lead is no-where near as bad,  however training will be continuing on this as well.

As for chewing  -  my old dog had a thing for tv remotes  -  ate four of them  -  Marley never even looked at them   - he just ate my first suite of furniture.    They normally grow out of this stage though.

It sounds to me as if your dog is a perfectly normal husky for his age  -  they are a challenging breed - as are most highly intelligent dogs  -  needing constant, consisent  training  -  but sooooo rewarding.

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