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What is the best food for Husky?

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You'll need to keep pup on whatever the breeder had them on to start and then gradually swap over to a new food 

Where are u located that will help members give you more information as I could recommend brands you cant get where u are 

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That is a loaded and complex question! 🙂

There are the kibble people,
the fresh-cooked human-grade food people,
and the feed raw people

Kibble is confusing, because even some of the top expensive brands have recalls - to see latest recall news and ratings, you could visit dogfoodadvisor.com
My experience with Kibble is that the kind available in grocery stores is usually medium to low grade and that the better brands are available in pet stores.
( Some of the popular highly-rated brands are Taste of the Wild, Merrick, Orijen, Acana...but like I said, their reputation swings up and down depending on recent recalls.)
I also add in things like fresh egg, fresh cooked meat, fish, plain yogurt, to my dog's bowl if we are eating them at the time.

And yes, best to keep your pup on what his breeder was feeding, and make any changes gradually! 
An abrupt change in foods can give some dogs diarrhea (which is no fun, urgh!).


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