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A few pictures from Husky camp from 2019


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2 hours ago, Dunc said:

See everyone in 2020 :)

Anyone any more pictures ?

These are fantastic photos        -  the ones below are my favourites

2 hours ago, Dunc said:


60523417_2166565753458607_6048113503879823360_n.jpgNow that could be an ice cream he seems to be enjoying it so much!  What is it??60548354_10161917659345714_4879418667453906944_n.jpgGreat photobomb !


60753792_10156274362190737_2247897891731406848_n.jpg7  VERY happy husky faces




59803229_2159151647533351_2193660099824713728_o.jpgThese guys obviously had a very tiring day   -  a tired husky is a happy husky



59923418_2160556790726170_3655601988822892544_o.jpgWhere do you guys sit?     There is only the floor left !




59990627_10161917657295714_7927009770001661952_n.jpgAnd I thought I had problems with Marley!




60033146_2162091863905996_9108458185395535872_n.jpgNow that's a beautiful happy face



60166290_10161921522850714_9211832567831986176_n.jpgWho does this handsome guy belong to??  Obviously a photographer - the black & white pic is just perfect for him.


60282318_10161924264465714_5075038828465487872_n.jpgWish I were young enough to keep up with these guys




60311252_10161921522750714_2715497415107936256_n.jpgTwo very tired very happy buddies



60342887_10161924266145714_8024001169611292672_n.jpgOK  when do we get going again guys?

60357931_10161927205370714_5055596250250870784_o.jpgAt first glance I thought this was Marley



60360151_2171158762999306_2707237106371002368_n.jpgWhat wonderful Xmas card this picture would make


If there was a prize for the best camp photos  -  you've got my vote!       Can the proud 'owners' of these dogs please identify yourselves so we can all see who belongs to these lovely dogs







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