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Question about Anna's spots

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Jay got his black spots on his tongue fairly early, at around 4 months old they had been totally formed.

Anna came to me last month with two large ones on the sides of her tongue almost on the bottom. She is blowing coat like a mad woman, and I was furminating her this morning when low and behold I noticed two spots (light) forming on her tongue on top. They are faint like when Jay's started coming in. She definitely never had them before. She's always up in my face with her tongue out and I had searched her mouth when she first got here.

My question is, how old are they before they usually get their spots, and is it common for a 1 1/2 year old Kai to just start getting theirs?

I know that the spots are birthmarks after I read causes of spotted tongues on dogs here, but I'm also wondering if there is something (i.e. nutritional wise) that makes them form.


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