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Is he done growing already?!


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What's up guys?

My puppy is 9 months and he weighs exactly 50 lbs. He has been 49 lbs for the last month or so and I wanted to know if he is done growing, weight and high wise? If not, at what age will he reach his full height and weight.


Also, from your personal experience and after seeing other huskies growth how much will my guy weigh as an adult, from his current weight for his age?

.....The dad was 56 lbs and the mom was 52 lbs.


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Hi, my husky just turned 9 month old today too!  He's also at 50 lbs now, at 21 in height at the withers.  

I'm thinking he would continue to grow at a very slow pace until one year old.  I'm estimating his adult weight will be at 55-60 lbs. 

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