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Wanted dog ball toy


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OK  funny request I got one of these toys from B&M a couple months ago and my dogs loved it right until my toy killing shep killed it

So could you all check your local store's to see if they still have any of these balls. I would like to get at least  three of them. I will pay for them and postage to me

They bounce funny when rolled or thrown. They also Squeak and have a rattling bell inside  I have looked on Amazon and i can not find them

Even a makers name would be helpful



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11 hours ago, wolfpup said:

Never seen one like it   - but Marley would love it!

they are a funny toy they have little spots of texture on the body sticking out are squares triangles and circles. and the squeak and rattle and tinkling bell inside make them different

lots of different things to interest them

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If it is his favorite toy, better order some same toys from this seller, so you had them in advance. We also bought several same balls on https://www.doggietoys.deals/product/16-inch-large-rope-toy/ for our dog. Once, we met this stress and disaster in the house when Mickey lost his favorite toy. He refused to play with other toys and began to gnaw our shoes and damage furniture in the house. Fortunately, the delivery was fast. So, I understood that it's better to keep one more in reserve to avoid such dramatics.

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I'm also looking for similar toys for my puppy. It is important to me that they are of high quality and interesting.  I have been dreaming about my dog since childhood and only 2 months ago I found my Tobby. I adore him and try to give him the best. Since he used to live on the street, it is very important to feed him food with enough vitamins and I carefully select his food. I also buy various vitamin treats on https://dogeatguide.com/ so that the consequences of living on the street do not affect the health of my dog.

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