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A Whole New Level!

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This guy here took it to a whole new level of crazy this morning!  As a former and current husky owner, I'm all too aware of their habit of playing "King of the Mountain" in an effort to get the highest vantage point, to be able to see/hear/smell as much as possible.  This morning, my husband said he heard the school bus (the same one Floki jumped onto yesterday for a ride), then saw a blur pass by our 2nd story window.  Thought he was still half asleep, til he saw it again and realized that Floki was ON THE ROOF!  Apparently, he was watching the kids get on the bus, and man, he really likes that bus, lol!  So he popped out the screen and ran across the roof for a closer look!  Hubby got him back in pretty quickly, but Jiminy Crickets, what's a girl to do - bar the windows??🤣


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