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I just want to keep my dog safe.  I am looking for any and all ideas.

We adopted an 18 month old about 6 months ago.  Not my first Husky, I was aware that separation anxiety was something to expect and thought I was prepared.  Brought Milo home when I had a week of vacation, ran every day, and worked on crate training gently with the hope of giving him free run of house in time.

The timeline after:

-He broke old husky's crate on third day, destroyed carpet in room while out.

- I took a Kong Wire Crate neighbor had give me, zip tied it to keep him from escaping.  Seemed ok for about a week, then he ripped a hole in side (chipping a tooth in process).  At this point we took him to the vet.  Medication given and RuffLand crate recommended.

-Slowly tried to wean off crate.  But despite keeping to the routine recommended by vet (and more toys than I ever bought before) Milo seems to have a 1 hour switch before going into destruction mode.  Any blankets, clothes, dish towels he can reach gets shredded and even eaten.  One sofa also ripped up.  No matter how well I clean up he will find something, despite being with another dog.  Fact is, Milo isn't safe when he is out and I am afraid even if I was ok with property destruction his stomach isn't going to like the stuff he eats.  He jumps our 4ft gate with ease and I can't keep him from having near full run of an open floor plan house.   

So he is put in the crate when I am gone, and he hates it.  If I am gone more than an hour I will come home to him covered in pee (he is fully potty trained otherwise).  He chews at the vents and despite making no progress has ripped his gum doing so.  Toys don't help, even when filled with frozen baby food.

The rescue we adopted from doesn't allow the dog to be housed outside but I am thinking that may be the safest for him (if I go that way I will contact them with the vet history, etc).  I am considering a dog run with a top or even an invisible fence around our yard (we have a 5 foot picket fence but I have seen Milo jump, wouldn't trust it as an all day thing).  Obviously in heavy cold or heat I would need to go back to inside the crate.  But I don't want to do anything rash.

He is a dream dog, running with me but calm around the family.  Not a barker (but very much a talker).  Sleeps on the floor right next to my bed at night.  I need ideas.  Above all else I need him to be safe.   

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I had a behaviourist round as my dog was trying to escape the crate and he was hurting himself

Start out not putting him in the crate. Put him in the room where the crate is and close the door. Don’t say anything when you walk out or look at him. Stay behind the door and listen, the second he starts sniffing or pacing or crying etc, walk back into the room, again don’t say anything or give an attention. It might be seconds at first. When he gets to a minute of being ok, then start walking away, open and close your front door but stay in the house. Again as soon as he gets anxious, go and let him out. The behaviourist said to be if he is ok for 10 minutes, he will be ok for a few hours. Anxiety starts as soon as you walk out the house so once they learn you’ll be back, they are ok! You’ll have to do this a few times a day, it might take a few days before you are able to walk away from the door

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Oh, your poor pup (and poor you - I'm sure it breaks your heart to know he's so anxious)!  I feel so fortunate that my Floki boy doesn't seem to have anxiety issues.  He was also a rescue, but we got him at 12 weeks, so I'm sure that made a huge difference.  I know many people with other breeds that suffer with separation anxiety, and many of them use CBD oil to help.  You might want to talk to your vet and see if it's an option for your sweet boy, especially if behavior modification doesn't help.

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Sorry to hear you are having issues. When I got Kodiak he had separation anxiety and damaged a crate. I had to use an airline style crate with zip ties but he would injure himself trying to break out. I have had mine crate free for a couple years with no issues and found that was the best. But I don’t know if that would be good in your case if he’s still destroying stuff. Maybe some training classes 

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My husky has the same separation anxiety. She doesn't destroy anything but always tries to escape the house (my front door and windows take so much damages ), she also gets super nervous and potty whenever I leave even when she pooped/per right before I left. 

I haven't tried to crate her yet because I am afraid she will try to escape and hurt herself in the process. 



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I ignore my pups when I come and go. Making a big deal about it will cause anxiety.

Walk around the house with your keys in your hand without leaving. Then pick up your purse and walk around the house. Get everything you would normally get to leave and sit on the couch for awhile. Do this a handful of times a day. This will desensitize them to the routine.

Once they are good with that, walk out the door for a few steps and then go back in. Not giving any attention. Once they are good with that go further. Then work to the point were you start your car without going anywhere. After a few minutes go in. And so on. 

Also work on impulse control training. Setting by the door and not being able to go through the door until you give the command. I do this with all doors car, crate, stores, front door and back door of the house.

Place training also is great way to train them self control.

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My dog also had anxiety he was very sad. Didn't want to play and all day sitting in the same place. I took him to vet and doc said to me that he is healthy and gave me some vitamins to relieve his stress. But with no results... One of my friend that is also a dog owner advised me to give him red kratom. It's a natural product that have a lot of healthy nutrients helping in mood elevate. From the first day of using my pet seemed to be happy and was playing again with me. I was very happy too because my beloved friend was feeling fine... Hope my experience will help you too!

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