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Getting stuff ready for my Husky puppy

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Good Evening pack! 

I still have a month until my puppy comes home, but I would like to ask for your expertise and advise please 😀 and have everything ready for when she comes home 🐕

Crate - which size should I get? I have been advised to get a 42inch.. Or should I go for a different size?

Harness / collar - I have read about Indi-Dog houddini harnesses, and I think that's what I'm going for.. any recommendations? 

Bed - At the moment she is sleeping in a bed with her sisters... which size would be good?

Puppy Pads - Got them 😀

Food - The breeder will give me a months worth, but I accept suggestions and recommendations 

Toys - I have read about Kong.. and teething Kong... what are your thoughts on this?

Please feel free to add up anything to the list I might have overlooked or forgotten and recommend shops where to get all of this 🐕

Many thanks in advance :lovebone:




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Where are you from?  That will decide on what we can recommend as different places in the world have different brands of food etc 

I'd scrap the puppy pads , start as you mean to go on and take pup out every hour and straight after,  eating , drinking , sleeping etc and every couple of hours during the night 

Crate , get the biggest but get a divider so he doesnt use one end as a toilet and one end as a bed 


Indi-dog,  cant recommended them enough,  go for the vari-fit version (medium) as its fully adjustable and will last till your pup is at least 6 months then upgrade to a large which will then last forever :)

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Good Morning BingBlaze n Skyla


Thank you for getting back to me. I am based in what´s called Central Belt of Scotland :lovebone:

The breeder is currently using pads on them, so they kind of know where they need to do their "things" That's why I got some... 

With regards to the crate... should I go for a single or double door? Where would be a reasonable place to get them from? I have seen so many different prices, materials...


Sorry to ask so many questions 😊

and thanks again! 


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