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New Doggysitter

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Good evening all! Simka here barking I hope all you Huskies and humans are ready for spring!  I can’t WAIT for mud season!  Mommy had better get her vacuum thingy ready for me!  Well, I found out today that GrizzLee and crew tried out a new doggysitter. Jen is one of Kirsten and Rachel’s friends and neither of then could watch the boys on short notice. I know Grizz and crew had been kinda bummed, since they were looking forward to enjoying Kristen’s sneakers but Jen really came thru!  The boys were outside when she arrived:


They ran in to greet her and taste her shoes and slobber them up:


MmmmmSlurp! Heavenly delicious new pink leather Reeboks!  GrizzLee got first dibs and sniffed and licked them hungrily. After that, Roscoe, Snickers and Rusty and him all ganged up and chewed on them, pulled the laces out and wrestled them off her feet:


After they claimed her Reeboks as theirs, they hid with them under some warm blankets in the guestroom:


Well, that was earlier. Not sure but I have  a feeling that they have probably been enjoying those yummy chewy reeboks all day!  Well, it seems like Jen is a good fit.  GrizzLee and crew sure are lucky!  They have the next 3 days to enjoy those reeboks. Hope they last that long.  Yikes!  Will update all you Huskies later!


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