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Husky scared of going outside after changing residence

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Hello. I have a male and 4 year old Husky that has been with me since he was a baby. We lived in an apartment for 4 years and 2 months ago I had to move to another apartment in another location.

The previous house had a small countryside where few cars and people passed by but all knew him well. The present one is more like a city where he cannot stand people who doesn't know and tries to escape from everything and everyone.

He's very scared and I'm worried that he can become aggressive when he is actually so gentle. Besides walks for him are not comfortable and pleasent as before... Could you please help? I'm desperate. BTW he always wore a leash outside since he was a pup.

Thanks for reading.

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It’s all new for him and he needs to readjust, it can take time. I’d take him out for 10-15 mins regularly throughout the day to get him used to his new surroundings, praise him when he’s walking nicely and not trying to escape. Don’t overload him with long walks and lots of people, gradually build up the time you walk him. Hope it works for you both.

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