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Help a Husky Out!

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Hey all! Simka here barking that me and mommy hope everyone has been well and surviving this cold, wintery weather!

We have sure been busy in Maine. Mommy helped a friend get back on her feet after an abusive relationship the beginning of this year. Helped her find an apartment and let her stay with us for the meanwhile. Mommy has the biggest heart!  Well, Grizz & Crew have been doing well too. No trips to the vet dude. We actually have not been over to visit them in a while, but I have been keeping up on their “shoe-nanigans”!  And by the sounds of it, they have not eaten any sneakers for a long time and are craving some badly.  It’s actually been a while for me too, so I am totally going bonkers over what happened today:  Mommy went sneaker shopping with the girls and brought home these pair of delicious new reeboks!:


Mmmmmmm, they look and smell sooooo yummy and I just can’t wait to chew on them!  Mommy says they are her new summer sneakers so I have to wait!  Well, I kept trying to sniff and lick them and finally mommy said if I didn’t stop, she would wear them over to Carol’s and let Grizz & Crew have their way with them. Yikes!  I’m trying to behave but it sure is a looooong wait until summer :(  Maybe you humans and huskies can convince mommy to let me have a little nibble now?????? (I would REALLY love to sink my toofers into those soft white leather toes and slobber them all up!)

Thanks All and goodnight!


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(sigh) Hey all, Simka here barking that I’m kinda bummed right now. Those delicious new Reeboks that mommy got the other day, well, I missed out on BIG time.  I had been trying to sniff them out this evening, but couldn’t find them. Then mommy spills the beans: See, she went over to Carols earlier today and “accidentally” wore them over. Well, Grizz & the Crew went nutso over them and ate them right off Mommies feet!  They then took the Reeboks to the guestroom where they thoroughly enjoyed them. Mommy went looking for her Reeboks, and found them with Grizz and the boys under the blankets:


They were completely chewed, slobbered and filled with lots of warm slimy Newfie slobber.  Mommy had to wrestle them out of the boys jaws. I guess her Reeboks are still over there and Grizz and Crew plan on having them for a late night dessert. Hmmph! Sure wish mommy had brought me over so I could have enjoyed them (sigh).  Well, goodnight all. 


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