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Crutiate Ligament Operation


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Has your husky needed this operation? On Zena's walk last week she tore hers while running on the field, an x ray this week confirmed she needs the operation. She has the op in 2 weeks.

The vet also said when she is all recovered from the op, the likelihood is that the other one will go too.

Insurance only covers part of the cost!

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I have never personally had to go through this but my girlfriend has a couple of times. She has agility dogs. (They came from the same litter and it had to do with their genetics,  needless to say she stopped using them for agility and did not breed them)

The first one was a nightmare and she ran into every complication possible with it. However, she found a different vet for the others and that vet actually casted the other leg (that was not operated on) while the leg that actually had the surgery healed. The other leg did not need the surgery after everything was said and done.

The cast helped support the other leg, keeping the weight of limping off it. But then I don’t think there was any damage to that other leg to start.

 I am not sure exactly what all she had to do during recovery but I remember the un-operated leg’s cast looked more like jell and she took them to the lake to swim for therapy.

Poor baby. I hope she recovers quickly and the she doesn’t have to go through it twice.


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Hi Zena we just got the news today and they are carrying out the surgery as I type this to operate on ours. How'd you go with the recovery as I'm worried it's going to be impossible to stop her from walking around on it and even the logistics of going toilet are a concern for me

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My non-husky Scooby had this surgery on both legs but a year or so apart. She did very well. In the photo you can see her in front of the enclosure we bought to contain her. We set it up under the TV so we could keep an eye on her. It's been handy on other occasions as well. You get get the details on the pen here:  https://express.google.com/product/Precision-Pet-Courtyard-Kennel/0_3833145327017702834_0



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