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Husky bedtime pattern

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Hi There,


First time Siberian Husky owner and forum poster but need some help to understand our pooches change of behaviour.

Maya is almost 3 years old and we have had since she was about 10 weeks old. We were told by the breeder that she was Husky cross with labradoodle though always doubted that so done a DNA test which came back with Siberian, Old English Sheepdog, Bernese Mountain, & Rottweiler combination.

Anyway, she seems a relatively happy pooch. Very calm, very relaxed, very sweet and gentle. Eats well (though some nights she just sniffs it and turns around and goes back to sleep) and sleeps alot, most of the day as I take her to work with me. Get walks 2x a day. A 4k jog in the morning before work and an hour and a half walk in the evening after work.

Anyway my question, for the last week so has been restless at night. She is absolutely fine in the evening, after her walk, dinner and play she has another sleep on her favourite spot at home on the top of landing of the stairs. But as soon as I go to bed, she gets up and starts pacing and panting seemingly unable to settle. She keeps asking to go out, which I sometimes let her out and when can't call her back in, I find her laying down outside in the garden?

Anyone have any idea what's brought on this change of sleeping patterns and routine?

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Hi, sounds as tho she may be too hot, mine pant and pace and wait by the back door when they’re hot. Is she settling outside? Maybe she prefers to sleep outside for a while, one of mine does and comes in around 11.30 and then lies where there’s a draught. As long as she’s in good health and it’s safe for her to stay out for a while I wouldn’t worry.

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I have to keep a strict routine at night with mine or else they will pace all night. It is a pain but helps.

 I cannot shut my bedroom door or else my male will pee in my tub. So I use a kiddy gate down the hallway giving them as much room as possible to stretch out. 

My girl still has to go out at night. If the weather is nasty she doesn’t want to come back in. (Stayed out most the night in 11 degrees) I just get comfy in the living room (by the doggy door) and wait for her to come back in as long as she isn’t eating the fence or astroturf.

When I try to get her back in I  entice her with a yummy treat. LOL

If she is safe out there I would let her stay out.

At my old house we had a slider in the bedroom and I would leave it open for my dogs to go in and out. My big girl would sleep right outside by the door.

 I would love to be able to let mine stay out whenever they wanted. But I can’t trust mine. LOL

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