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Husky won't eat.


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I know what you will all think, from the title, straight away. All huskies go through periods of not eating but they'll not starve themselves. Unfortunately this one seems to be doing just that. All the other dogs are eating and are all fit and healthy. This one will not eat. The owner has tried all types of different foods to try and coax her to eat and she just turns her nose up. She has, very begrudgingly, taken little tiny bits every now and then but nowhere near enough to keep her healthy. She has been checked by the vets and they have said that there is nothing wrong with her, as in blockages or anything that would prevent her getting food down, and she is just being stubborn. I have never in my life seen anything like this. She is almost skin and bone but is full of life. Can anyone please suggest anything that the owner can try to get this little girl to eat before it's to late. 

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I have never known a husky to turn his/her nose up at a tin of sardines in spring water (or olive oil if you have to   NOT sunflower oil).    Over the last 10,000 years or so  90% of their diet was fish when in their natural habitat.    Has the owner tried her on raw foods?

I have one of the fussiest dogs on the planet - and easily goes a couple of days at a time  -   but his weight is good.     Also another thing to try is a raw whipped egg, scrambled egg etc.

What sort of foods has the owner tried?   Can you give us a little more information.

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All been tried. The owner has had huskies for a number of years, as have I, we have never ever come across anything like this before. Absolutely nothing works. She'll take Kefir, which is a probiotic and suggested by me. Owner checked with the vet and vet agreed. Problem is the dog will lick the Kefir away from everything else. Thanks for the input though.


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I am at a lost...

No medical reason why, you have tried all the food suggestions. It is unnerving but I would let her be. 

A friend of mine has wolf Husky mixes and they will stop eating completely when they blow their coats. Once they are done they will start eating again. Just a thought...

 Mine are pigs. My boy has even ate his way through a partial blockage. The day mine refuses anything I will know I am in huge trouble. LOL


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23 minutes ago, Keeonah said:

Hmmmm. Not thought about cat food. What sort Rob?

Wet food and I would do the fishy types Sheba  in gravy is a good one... ours if they could would break down Laura’s room in a heartbeat 

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Hi, just been informed ..ref dog not eating.

Maybe a blended baby food?

Have they tried Forthglade, Lovejoys? Albion comes frozen raw. Mix with Xcel 32%. Small nutritous kibble.  Soak so mushy. But try tiny amounts.   Or, try dry.   A raw egg? Scrambled? They could mash in an egg with Kefir.

Avoid cat food as it is higher in salt.

She'll need hydrating, with fluids, either by IV or by a spoon tilted into side of mouth to trickle in water, frequently.

Keep me informed please.  Where are you?


Am simply sounding out...  I gather all has been checked...

Whose furkid is she & where?

Has there been any recent (or past) trauma?   ?Exposed to anything? I think constant time spent with her is vital.   Just be there. Maybe, put food down for other woofs, in sight of her, plus food for her.  Let her see them all tuck in; maybe she'll eat some too. Is her oesophagus clear? Not narrowed? No ulceration? Gums ok? No bad teeth, or a broken tooth - this alone will stop a dog eating if a nerve root is exposed. A second opinion. Otherwise IV feeding to hydrate her, and give her some nourishment. Maz

More thoughts... 

What's her history?  Where from, history prior to acquisition?  How old was she when leaving litter pack?  How old now? Spayed?  Urine & bowels ok? (as they can be given current situation)?

Any genetic or inheritance possibilities /DNA insight?

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A quick update for you all, SHE HAS EATEN. Almost 3 weeks with no food at all 7 weeks with very little. Thanks Mazz think you got it. Pining. One of the pack had been moved out and we think, although you wouldn't believe it if you saw them together, that she was missing her. Brought her back for a visit and little Nishka has eaten. Now we know what the problem is we can fix it. Thanks to everyone for your input.

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An update for you all. This little girl had gone downhill again. She hadn't really eaten a great amount since the last post. Nibbles here and there. Back to the vet again.  The vet said she had a kidney disease and  needed building up and advised a specialist food, Royal Canin Renal, so we got her some high protein food and I ordered the specialist food that was recommended on line. She wolfed the food down but once again it was short lived. The specialist food turned up the following day and she ate again but struggled as it was getting stuck to her mouth. She went through a couple of days and then went downhill again. Back to the vets. This time managed to get to see my vet. Unfortunately the news is not good. Nishka has a rare form of bowel cancer which started in the anal glands and has been given 3 months to live. We are devastated as you could well imagine. She is back home and being treated like a queen. Anything she wants she gets. She has been given painkillers to make her more comfortable and now we just wait for her to let us know it's her time. 


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I feel for you Gary,

We had to make that decision with Echo 18 months ago.

You've done everything in your power to keep her going, and she's had a great life with you and your pack.


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I'm so sorry, Gary.

It breaks our hearts but we all know that Nishka is one of the luckiest girls under your great care.

Cancer really sucks - I lost my girl to kidney cancer.

Thinking of you and your beautiful Nishka.


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