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Husky fur stains


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My girl seems to wanna live that snow dog life so she likes spending most of her time outside, only problem is it’s rainy & wet here most of the time, so she always gets muddy feet. Any ideas on how to get the stains out?? 


all of my dogs have the option to go in and out as they please, but she goes crazy if I lock her inside, snow dog to her core. 

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I don't envy you, I had the same problems before I segregated my back garden into two.  One long run at least 75' and 20' wide, with a concrete path (already there, gravelled areas, and decking, x 2 one at the back approx 3m sq with four big roomy shelters on it, and decking closer to the bungalow, (with a gate onto the lawn) again 3m sq for a patio area. 

The rear run can be gated off - it's about 40' X 20', stock wire fenced, + chicken wired on lower level at 1m.  The concrete and gravel is a godsend.  It's easier for poop pickups, (sometimes I miss stuff because of same colour!) However, no mud! 

I can choose when it's dry, to let them run zoomies, on the lawn but they do too in the big long run... 

The rear garden is at leadt two times+ the size of the bungalow footage, and the front is a good 45' X 30' too. 

The lawn needs filling & levelling too due to previously dug holes - it's very uneven.  The quote for this is too much atm as money has had to go out on replacing broken down & old cars.

We took out a small loan & after a five year dream I have something so useful and pleasing! 

I sit out most days in summer; often we eat out there too with a table, Brolley and comfy chairs I love it!

The shelters have fresh hay put in at intervals and even yesterday, although cool, it was lovely out in the sunshine!

The patio decking area has a BBQ. Bench, swing chair, and can take a popup gazebo easily, if weather is likely to become inclement.

If you can separate an area even if it's an L shape for the dogs, for more running room and you have the other section only, grassed, and fenced off, and (or artificial turf), it should help. I know slabs are an option, but with many dogs, good drainage for pee needs to be considered, and maybe have it slightly sloped to go into a drain, connected to your own drains. 

Sluicing down is then a practical solution too. 



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It is slabs, but it’s the rain mixed with the dirt on the ground that makes her paws dirty 😭 I go out there daily & hose down the pee & poops but she manages to run through them anyway.. If I try to keep her indoors she just paces & howls the house down. She has the option to come in, just chooses to stay out even when it’s raining 🤷🏼‍♀️ thinks she’s some kind of Eight Below dog 😂 Did you do anything special to get the mud off?? I’ve read that just wiping them down a few times a day with a warm cloth does the trick but Idk 

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There are some specific dog paw dip containers that let you clean their feet individually... see attachment, which I googled;  copes with a cloth to wipe dry too..


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