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Jumping,whining, pulling on leash

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My husky Ty is 8months about to be 9 and the neighborhood I live in has many dogs in front and backyards. Every time he sees or hears another dog he becomes excited and frantic so he begins jumping,whining and pulling on the leash. I’m able to calm him down for a bit before having to walk a different direction, but like I said there’s dogs in almost every home .It’s becoming more and more difficult to control the bigger he gets.I thought bringing my older dog in the walks would help but it doesn’t and I always take him to dog parks to socialize so it’s not like he doesn’t see dogs regularly.I was wondering if anyone had tips to help control this behavior so our walks aren’t so much of a struggle.

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Mine do it too. It is much worse when they are together.

They are so social, they cannot contain themselves, and want to play.

Now that he is 8 months start training for a job while on walks. I am teaching them all the pull commands. Keeps them busy and wears them out. You can also put a pack on him (keep it lite to not hurt his growth plates). I have a girlfriend that trained hers (Golden) to carry a ball. It keeps him concentrating on it plus he can’t bark with it in his mouth. LOL

There is all kinds of training tools to help. Just start with the least abrasive. I have done everything from Halti to prong collars. My girl was only in a prong for about 2 months and is now in a harness or martingale depending what we are doing for the day. The boy has been in his prong about 4 months but we are at the point of transitioning him to an easy walk Harness. 

Since I have two and it is hard for me to leave them alone separately, I hired a trainer to take one of them for the day while I work with the other. They are fantastic by themselves.

Here is pictures of my screaming in sane pups first outing. No prong or back up equipment on him. 


She said he acted like he was already trained.

Start with low key areas and work up to the places or things that excite him. 

Maybe take him to the park first to wear him out and then walk in the neighborhood and use lots of treat when he is behaving.


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