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What does everyone feed their Huskies?


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Was feeding Taste of the Wild.

They are now on Instinct LID turkey with cooked turkey meat for lunch to make up the difference in protein they need.

Getting ready to go 2 meals cooked and afternoon kibble.

Mine have intolerance to certain foods so, I am doing the gradual switch to raw.

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I have a Husky/Malamute cross, White German Shepherd and a Malinois/Lakenois Cross all are fed a Barf raw Diet the Mali pup was started on raw food when he was weaned and they all do fine

I Buy Lamb Ribs (half a rib cage) Turkey Necks, Sprats (small fish about 5 inches long) Mackeral (nice oily fish). Mixed minced raw food at 80% Muscle meat 10% Bone, 10% Organ (offal) meat

I also add every few days Cod Liver or Salmon Oil, Raw Eggs, Pasta and mixed Veg.

so the menu would be kind of like this

Monday Beef raw egg Sprats

Tuesday Chicken and Tripe (mix) pasta squirt of one of the oils say Cod

Wednesday Lamb and Beef veg

Thursday Lamb ribs Chicken and a Mackeral

Friday Beef and chicken salmon Pasta

Saturday Turkey neck Beef

Sunday Liver and beef and veg

Some people i know say my dogs eat better than they do

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I have a husky and a utonagan  (husky/mal  mix) and they are both raw fed.   

The Utonagan can eat everything (and does)  chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, pork, sardines, herrings, salmon,  & eggs,  he get two or three lambs ribs a day for the bone content

The husky has serious food allergies   :-   High Positive for  Soya and Potatoes, Positive for wheat, oats, rice, peas, carrots, corn, sugar beet.

so is not allowed chicken, turkey, pork,  or eggs   -  he is not allergic to these foods themselves  - but what those food items were fed whilst they were alive (in the case of eggs  -  it was what the chicken ate as the egg was being produced)  All of these animals are routinely fed on Soya.    He can have grass fed, grass finished beef from my butcher, Paleo Ridge lamb and lamb heart with bone  (guaranteed not to have been fed anything Marley is allergic to)  Paleo Ridge Venison  (wild)  Paleo Ridge wild pheasant (when in season), Wild caught (not farmed)  sardines, haddock and cod, - & occasionally herrings (he is not over fond of herrings so I have to cut them up very small and hide them in his meal).   Farmed fish are fed on soya   -  luckily I live fairly close to fishing docks.

He is a fussy eater at the best of times   -  and he KNOWS he is being fed differently to Lunar  (my Ute)  and he does not like it  - but I cannot afford to feed both dogs on Marley's diet.  I can feed Lunar on around £8-9 a week,  Marley costs me around £18-£20 a week.

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I go to Lidl and buy the £1.69 1KG packs of chicken thighs or legs and feed them a pack between three a day and a similar priced 400g pack of beef mince meat, again split between three.


I have a generic biscuit available, usually bakers, but thats not for any reason other than letting them pick if they want too.


They also get fed pretty much anything i eat, and they make fantastic pre-dishwasher dish washers

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 yes can second Lidl the thighs are greast for myself plus my huskys like them . I do most of the dry complete  but they need  a bit of meat to go with it once at night Webbox chubroll  though my Topaz has dire rear with rabbit version . only need a slice half inch. The complete is available 24/7 and unlike Labradors they dont over feed.  Can be more difficult when im out in my van though  Monty tends to not eat much. Ill add did not get to sled  races as my van in for repair tomorrow (getting new cable  as I cant select reverse)

  Got a weird selection come up on YOUTUBE   Enigma -Era -Gregorian  Moment of peace  Huskys to the fore on that one

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I make my own dog food from meat from my butcher, plus home grown veg and rice.  I give them pro biotic yogurt and powered egg shell for calcium.  It works out a lot cheaper and I know exactly what they are getting.  Biggest draw back is the time it takes to make as I have 2 huskies and a malamute.


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