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Help? Adopted 3yo won't eat

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Help, We adopted a 3yo last week and it is becoming apparent that the previous owner fed her from the table. We cannot get her to eat her kibble, we are trying the high protein Nuturo and when we first bought it she took a couple of bites and that was it, we have tried mixing a can of wet in and a scrambled egg and nothing seems to work, she will go over and sniff it and then she walks away and lays down. But, as soon as we take a pan out to start cooking our dinner she is right there in the kitchen under foot intently staring at what we are making. We are starting to run out of ideas to get her to eat and we are getting a little worried that she is not eating. Help?

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Try her on a tin of sardines in spring water or olive oil  - NOT sunflower oil   - I have never met a dog who wont eat that.   If she is used to having her food cooked for her  i.e.  liver, mince, chops, chicken breast etc  - then I would not blame her for not wanting anything less.

Have you thought of trying her on raw food, whipped raw egg?, raw fish?

She will not starve herself  - but she is obviously trying to tell you she is used to something else.

I tried to do a search for Nuturo and could find nothing   - can you give us a link to the food -   I did find a Nutro   and looked at the high protein dry food  - and noticed it is supplemented with Zinc Sulphate    -    not a good quality zinc supplement   - although it does seem one of the better kibbles.   It does contain 4 vegetable sources that my husky is allergic to


Zinc forms ranked from best to worst:

Zinc citrate, picolinate and gluconate are very easily absorbable and well● utilized by your dog’s body. ( 25mgs up to 100mgs daily)

Chelated Zinc does not bind to iron so it tends to upset the stomach less● than some other forms of Zinc but maybe slightly less absorbable than picolinate and gluconate forms.( dosage is the same as above)

Zinc Methionine combines Zinc with Methionine and is reasonably well● utilized in most dogs. ( 40 mgs daily dosage)

Zinc Sulphate tends to be very hard on the stomach causing unnecessary● stomach upset. For that reason it is recommended that it be crushed and added in with food but this also makes it less absorbable. ( 200mgs daily dosage)

Zinc Oxide is a very cheap and highly un-absorbable form of Zinc. Sadly this● is the form of Zinc being used by most mid to low end dog food manufacturers. No wonder so many Snow Dogs suffer from Zinc Deficiency. 

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She will eat when she is hungry enough.

Poor thing is dealing with new smells, sounds, and routine. Also she doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

It will just take time. But I do agree with Wolfpup. If she is wanting more of a human food diet, then try her on raw. It’s healthier anyways.

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