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Cut/sore on toe

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I’d say a vet visit to rule out infection, can’t see whether it’s a cut or a spot, either way vet trip is best, you don’t want it getting worse, hope he/she’ll be ok.

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You need to find out if there is something inside the skin like a foxtail or is it a bite from a spider or a cut?

You need to know what is causing it in order for the correct treatment. 

Hydrogen peroxide and bag balm usually does the trick for most minor stuff but unless you know 100% what caused that, I would see if a vet could do a quick look at it. 

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2 hours ago, Ainsy said:

Thanks everyone! He’s booked into the vet tomorrow morning. 

Excuse my ignorance but what is bag balm?

I am not sure where you live. 

On the west coast it was developed for cow utters. The utters would get chapped from calves suckling. We would rub it on them to help with chapping and keep them from getting infected. 

Over time it has started getting used for a lot of other stuff. 

On our hands, chap lips, rough feet, elbows, dog pads and after healing care.

I had a Cocker spaniel that I used as a bird dog and she would get foxtails in between her toes and it would look like that. I would dig it out very carefully put  hydrogen peroxide on it to dry it out and then once dry I would put bagbalm on it to keep from getting infected.

However, any type of  vaseline type product will actually cause a hot infection quick. Just as it helps keeping dirt and stuff out it also holds in dirt and heat causing infection.

That is why it is very important to know exactly what is going on before doing home treatments.


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