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Best brushes to use

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Undercoat rake and if you wanted a blower 
I agree I use an undercoat rake, a bristle kind of brush that's got bobbly bits on the end and a mit that collects loose fur but all you really need is a rake. Stay away from furminators or anything that strips or cuts their fur as that will damage their coat

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Furminator was so highly recommended online - and by dog groomers too!
Although it was kind of expensive, we got one and we used it.

Our dog would tolerate it, but every once in a while I'd hit a sensitive spot and he would wave his mouth at me.

Now I am using my husband's old comb (free) and it works great and he enjoys being groomed...he lies there and falls asleep. 
I can even comb out the fur on his haunches, and other sensitive places that he wouldn't let me do before...


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Everyone recommended the furminator to me. 

Luckily I didn’t use it on the girl because her coat is different but, this is what it did to my boy.

This was my boys neck after one brushing. Stripped all the Guard hairs. My daughter was brushing him and this is what I say when I walked in. He feel asleep and just let her brush away. (She knows not to brush over the same area over and over) This was just a few brush strokes.


He is a picture of his shoulder.


Granted he does itch a lot in this area....

But it is taking forever to grow back.

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That's why you don't use furminators because it cuts their fur and damages their coat. Most groomers don't understand double coated breeds. I take mine to a groomer who specialises in huskies and understands the breed luckily as mine is a psycho [emoji28]

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