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Will he ever reach 60 lbs?!

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Hi Guys!

I have a quick question that I have been wondering for the longest time....I wanted to know if my puppy will ever reach 60 lbs as a full grown adult? I Know this question may sound crazy but from your own experience and from seeing other huskies growth rates will you be able to tell me. 

He just turned 6 months a couple days ago and weighs 41 lbs. His mom weighs 52 lbs and the dad weighs 56 lbs.

From his current weight plus the parents weight, will he reach 60 lbs as a full adult?

....I mean that's only 20 lbs left and plus don't huskies grow till 2 years??

Now, no matter what my husky weighs, whether 60 lbs or 40 lbs I still love em, but I have been curious about this for a while and it'll help me put it out of my mind if i got an answer. Thanks!!


P.S. Again I know this question is absurd but i'm very curious.

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Hard to say , given none of his parents at 60lbs I would doubt he'll reach that weight himself , depending on his breeding and his height that will also have a factor on how much he weighs

They don't really grow till 2 years old , I'd say they hit full grown in my experience once they're around 7 months to a year old then they tend to fill out a bit after that


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I agree they are fully grown around 1 year to 1.5 years and will fill out a bit from then on. Ours is just over 60lbs but consider her to be small considering some of the other huskies on this site. At 6 months she'd have been about the same weight as yours. I found her weight gradually increased from 8-15 months at a much slower less noticeable rate, I wouldn't get too caught up in what they weigh more importantly to make sure they are healthy with solid consistent poop


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One never knows... both of my boys are ridiculously large. Viggo is about 80 lbs. and Tika is 75 lbs. Their daddy was about 60-65 lbs tops and Mommy Duchess is only 40 lbs! She dwarfs her sons (as you can see in the picture lol).



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It’s so hard to tell.

My pups are brother and sister. Mom was high 50s and dad was a little over 60. 

At 10 months my girl is 43 lbs being smaller then the other females in her litter and brother is 50 lbs. He was the only male out of 10 pups. I think she was the runt.

The vet said yesterday that I shouldn’t be surprised if the girl stays this small and keep a close eye on her weight. But the boy has started getting the straggly teenage long legged boy look and that he may have another 15 lbs to go. LOL (my pups have had a rough puppyhood being sick during most of it)

Even though sister is a female and being smaller is normal, we thought she would be bigger then she is. 

It seemed like they stalled out between 6 months till now. But now the boy is hitting a major growth spurt.



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I wouldn’t be too hung up on weight as long as you can’t see his ribs and his backbone then he should be a healthy weight for his build, there’s so many differences in height and weight with husky’s now, I have 2 big boys and they’re very strong, wouldn’t have minded them being slightly smaller [emoji849]

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