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Hello to all board!

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Hi I am Giovanni from Italy a long time Husky enthusiast and in general for all Nordic breeds,  i live with a husky female named shortly Kimba but on her pedigree the name is: "cry, baby cry on sea sight" can be a name all that??...so as i said my daughter choosed Kimba and she answer to this name till was a little puppy...i have a husky crossbreed too, named Teo he 's from a terrific shelter of south of Italy and he is the stepfather of Kimba he protect and defend her from all even if now she's adult (6 y old) and he is almost an old dog (9 y old)...they are the not human part of my family..thanks to accept us in your forum...In the pic you can see me with Teo the first then Kimba in the middle and the white one it's a friend of Teo and Kimba and the owner a friend of mine

io e 3 cani.jpg

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