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My huskey dingo mix has bad diaheera. My local vet is closed for the day and I called my local 24 emergancy vet and the recommended that I gave Imodium but didn't tell me how often! I'm super worried about her does anyone have any other suggestions. Or know how often I can give her medicine


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I don’t know about the meds.

But I am a pro with MY pups having the runs because they get it ALL the time. LOL

I have had a dingo and they normally have an iron stomach. So I will suggest this from a Husky point of view and how I deal with mine.

How old is she again?

How long has she had the runs?

Could she have gotten into something?

Is it puppy soft or muddy water?

Now, mine get it because they were feed too much: gassy, puppy soft to a little watery- skip one full meal (dinner) no treats, by morning watch the morning poop. If it has firmed up a little to completely normal then give 1/2 amount breakfast and the other half during the afternoon as long as poop is getting firmer and then normal dinner.

If the poop has phlegm: this is normally because they ate an foreign object and this is the intestinal lining trying to coat it- keep feeding normal (this will help the passing but will cause more diarrhea in the processes), once the object passes stool goes back to normal. Caution! If she starts vomiting up to three hours after eating or drinking, struggling to poop or shows pain pooping, get to the vet ASAP!! 

There can be small  specs of blood in the poop. Spots of fresh red is from the colon (not that big of deal as long as it is very little) dark sticky globs (is from the  intestines) and is very bad.

Watery muddy poop- do not allow past 36 hours. Needs to go to the vet for sub-q for dehydration.  Pedialyte Works great as a home remedy but find out dosage from your vet. Plus after 36 hrs it is most likely being caused by an obstruction.

 I have never used meds and I have done the chicken and rice thing. 

Found is much quicker to just skip a meal.



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