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Issue with site that may be a problem

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The in the last couple weeks I have come to the site picked a topic to view and that page has opened then a few seconds later it has been diverted to

Some scam site telling me i have won a random fake prize. Old scam that has been around for years so other than closing the page I have not been suckered

Has some malicous code gotten into the site or has a scammer linked in some how to randomly capture a browser some how

I would hate to see some one click this page as its the old  pay us money sign up for this site scam spam  stuff

so far it seems to happen once a day and its a pain next time i will take a photo with my phone.

I am using  the latest version of firefox as i hate chrome (find it slow and laggy) and Ms Edge

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@Marc maybe worthwhile for you to have a look at...

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I will keep my eye on it and take a look through the code of course, but nothing is coming up straight off, so its doubtful there is anything on the site side to be honest m8

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