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My pups first winter storm

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We had our first winter storm last night and it made me realize just how spoiled my pups are. ❤️🥰😂

We woke up this morning with two feet of snow ❄️ on the hills. Can’t wait to get them up their to play this weekend...

But this morning when it was potty time my male just sat at the doggie door whining. Then he would run back and further from the front door to the back door. His brave sister went flying out the door and quickly came back in. LOL

Their dog ramp was solid ice and there was a a small amount of water/ice pooled up in the middle of their run. 

Both sat there with a puzzled look on their faces. Kept sticking their heads out the door. The girl thought sliding down it was fun but wouldn’t touch the ground...

 I ended up having to go out and get all the ice off the ramp and dried it. Then had to drain out the water/ice. (They had over half their run that they could have used that didn’t have water/ice)

Once the ramp was dry and most of the water and chunks of ice was out, he finally came out and was very happy. LOL 😝 


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They make you laugh with their behaviour, lucky you having snow [emoji301]️ we’re just having rain and loads more rain! When it snowed this year my 2 would bury themselves in it, I couldn’t get them in at night.

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