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Going from 3 to 4 huskies

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Ok so there like a 10% chance but I have a fleeting thought about adopting a 4th husky. For those of you that have gone from 3 to 4 what kind of advice could you give? Right not Kodiak is about 8 or 9, Nikko is about to turn 7, and Yukon just turned 6. Kodiak is average energy; Nikko is still hyper as ever and Yukon is a chill low energy husky. The one that I was thinking about is 10 months old male that is neutered.


I always said 3 is my max but I’m actually kind of considering adopting him. Looking for any advice or comments. Below are pics my pack and the potential newbie







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I can't imagine going from 3 to 4 will be much different apart from the obvious cost , you might find it gives them a new lease of life too , Bings was like 10 years older than the sibes and he never stopped running around with them, he was always a fun energetic playful dog anyway but he was even more so with his new pals lol

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It’s probably a fleeting moment. The rescue organization needs verification from the Homeowners Association that they will allow the dog. And ours not only bans huskies but puts a limit at 2 dogs. We have flown under the radar for over 6 years so no sense of bringing any attention to us

Not that I expected to get a fourth dog but that takes care of any decision I would make.

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