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8 month old female pees on bed

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Hello. New here! But I am Looking for advice. I have a 8 month old female husky. I have 3 dogs total. She is the youngest. I’ve had her since she was 5 months. She adjusted easily. Gets along great with other girls. A shepherd lab mix 2 yrs and a GSD 1.5 years. 

We moved 1.5 months ago. No issues adjusting again. She’s pretty laid back. She’s 2nd in command. Might end up being alpha. Only thing she is alpha on now is toys. She hoardes them. Steals from other 2. They don’t resist lol. 

Anyway. Potty training has been a bumpy road. Mostly with pooping. But it’s under control now. But Kira urinated on my sons bed a couple weeks ago. They all hang out on beds with us while we are in room. Then she did it a 2nd time. So he banned her from his bed. I’ve had no issues til yesterday. My door must not have been shut and while I was Outside she peed on my bed. I cleaned It. Got wetness and odor out. This evening all 3 were on my bed while I was Laying on bed watching tv. No issues per normal. Somehow sometime she peed again. No idea when. But approx same spot. 

She had recently been out. Any ideas why? I wasnt sure if she could be marking her territory as a female? Like I said The only thing she’s selfish over is the toys. 

Appreciate any insight. I hate to not have them on bed with me. They don’t have access to rooms unless we are present. 

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Hi, it could be anxiety or a UTI, vet check for that. I’d keep her off the bed for a week or so, if she does it around the same time I’d take her out to pee, if she can smell it on the bed she’s more likely to do it again. I’d start potty training throughout the day as a reminder as to where she’s supposed to pee, with a reward when she does it. If she has a UTI she will pee when she’s relaxed without her control.
Females usually are the boss with other males. Hope you sort it out.

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I agree with getting her checked for a UTI.

My female randomly peed in the house. Even when the dog door is left open. I blocked her from the area and she just found a new spot. 😣

I just kept up the potty training. She is 8 months now and I haven’t seen or smelled anything lately.

My breeder did advise me that the females can be harder to house break.

Just a thought.... is she spayed? Are your others spayed or neutered?

My cat marks the pups beds. Maybe she is marking to be  possessive over the beds.

 I took an office plastic desk mate (that goes on the floor and the chair rolls over it) cut it into strips, then placed the pokey side up. I placed it on the bed and couch when I don’t want them on them. Works great.

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I would get her checked in case she has a kidney infection. Female dogs in general take longer to house train. All the female dogs I've had have always took a long time to house train. I'd go back to basics with puppy pads etc. Don't scold her for doing it on the bed or she will start to do a sneaky pee. White wine vinegar help neutralise smells. 

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Dog stair gates are brilliant for keeping dogs out of rooms , I would get a few and I wouldn't let her on beds any more
But definitely get her checked out (you'll need to try and get a pee sample) could she be due in season also ?

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