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Anyone taking CBD oil for their pain

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I’ve researched it and I’d like to get some feedback as to which is the best to try, I’m currently taking morphine and codeine as I’m having my hip replaced in Dec, but the side effects are awful. There’s so many brands available, hard to find the right one, my doctor wasn’t very helpful.



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I swear by it! 

Revivid 500 mg cream as needed. I use this for my hand.(I was severely burned as a child and have had about 16 surgeries to save what could be) I get phantom pain and it craps so bad that it clubs up. In less then 5 minutes after putting this on my hand, there is no pain and everything is fine. I also use it for any other muscle pain. I also use it on my 15 year old. She is a swimmer and gets the most God awful leg cramps. And it works for minstrel craps too.

My husband and I also take the liquid drops. Same company 250 mg about 5 drops under the tongue 2 to 3 times a day. I take it for my anxiety. (Can also mix in drinks-smoothies, coffee, anything). My husband takes it to relieve stress. 

I have friends have  supplemented loved ones and themselves that have cancer and the docs were very impressed how well they did.

 I also have a tropical spray that I use on my car that has kidney failure. She has gained all her weight back and has stopped throwing up. (Well, I also put her on a raw diet) I have a spray I have started using on the pups to help relax them. Haven’t started the supplements only because my male already has the runs but once solid I will be getting them on it.

*Do your research. You want it to say where it was grown,  manufactured, and that it is third party tested*

The cheap stuff will work. But the more you pay the better  Quality and the better it works.

Only side effects is  diarrhea. Start low dose and work your way up. There is NO high effects. There is only 0.30% THC. I have never heard of anyone ODing and I haven’t. LOL


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I don't take it (yet) but have got some for our two oldies, Husky Luka who's 13 (and on Metacam) and GSD Neeka who's 11 and both of whom are beginning to slow down (though both'll play like loons still!)

After lots of research and feedback as I'm a bit of a sceptic on any "miracle" (plus CBD's an unregulated substance/business so there's all manner of stuff out there, good and bad) I opted for Simply CBD, especially as they also run a dog rescue.

Early days yet for the dogs but looking into possible use for OH, a very useful bit of info is that if you're checking CBD oil against your medication, check the effect of grapefruit juice as a contraindication (CBD oil has closely related interaction to the effect of grapefruit juice!). Discovered a few potential problems and side effects which will make using it problematic for both of us 😕

Simply CBD on FB
Simply CBD Users Support on FB


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I take CBD oil with THC for my fibro pain.  In Oregon it's legal and I have found 1 brand that works great.  I've tried several.  It's really about finding a brand and an amount that works for you.  Taking it regularly helps as well.    I also use a topical rub with CBD in it as well.  

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