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Went out to dinner & came home to find doors open...

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This is weird and amazing!

Friday night decompression after a busy workweek ...we went out to dinner.
We gave Rumo dinner and left him loose in the house (he would always open the gate anyway, and we realized that he doesn't do anything bad when he gets out of the kitchen.)

We came home 1.5 hours later to find the garage door wide open, AND the door from garage to kitchen hanging open...we could see light shining out of our house!
( I think that the garage door opener didn't work somehow when we hit it, and I think Rumo figured out how to open the door to the garage...}

I was terrified and bracing myself to spend the night driving around in the dark, calling his name.

But we walked into the kitchen and Rumo greeted us at the door as usual!!
He didn't leave the house!

Anyway that was TERRIFYING and we will NEVER do that again!!!!
We were so amazed that he stayed home.

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That must have been terrifying, thank goodness he loves his home! Would have loved to see a secret recording of what he got up to! I saw a cartoon once of a cat that was curled up by the fire and when the owners left he sneaked out, had a great night out and was curled up by the fire when the owners returned to be greeted by what a good kitty! He winked.

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Ha ha, yes...
when he went on his ritual nighttime potty walk with us, he only peed once. Normally he pees 3-4 times.
We were like, "Maybe he took himself for a walk around the neighborhood, and came home??" 

And yes, I did save a bit of roast beef in my napkin from dinner, and gave him some when I got home! 

Anyway from now on we will watch the garage door go DOWN before driving away!! 

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We have had to change some of our door handles due to my dog opening them. We have put the olde fashioned door knobs on rather than handles. We've also put some locks on doors. 

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