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Does Indi dog make H back harnesses?


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I need a harness she won't get out of, I still have to get measurements for Houdini harness but was also wondering if they carry h back.. I noticed the xbacks. I want something hard for my dog to get out of while being able to pull and run with me without getting hurt. (Running, pulling, bikejourning etc) please let me know and thank you! 


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I love dogs a lot and all of my family does, because they are the friendliest and kindest animals. So we always take care of them and their health .That's why we searched a lot to get more info about Rogz harness and I finally bought several types. All 3 of our dogs have one! And the other 2 dogs have Rogz harnesses and I love how soft and sturdy they are. From that website I also found out how to become a dog trainer and what skills I need to possess, how to I work , because I wanted this for a long time. So, I guess it's never too late to start doing something you love.

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