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1yo husky with little training


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Soooooooooooooo, my partner and I bought a 1 year old purebred husky this weekend. His previous owner has two kids and can't put in the time for training etc. He is so loving and always wants to be around. You can tell he's so young still. I should add I have three cats. He lived with a cat and he absolutely loves them. I'm just not daring to make them meet yet. He has too much training to do yet. I thought I should add this so you know why he isn't allowed in the entire house. He also has peed on the couch when he escaped his area whilst we were gone.
So he hasn't been trained very well. He jumps and bites playfully, all he wants to do is play and hasn't learnt that hands aren't toys.
I'm going to start doing crate training so at the very least he's happy to sleep in his crate with us at night so he isn't running around destroying everything and howling for company.
I'm going to take him to obedience classes as well asap but for the period that they don't do lessons in December and January, do you have any advice? 
Dad tried to put in a temp gate for us until we get and actual gate made. But as soon as I block his access of to the rest of the house so he only has outside and his area inside, he's escaping and breaking dad's fence to try and find us because he hates being away from us. 


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O Boy!


He is very handsome and looks full of him self. 😂

Huskies can easily clear a 6 foot fence, dig, or like mine, eat their way out. This is because they are board.

They are instinctively pack animals. Probably causing more stress on him and the family trying to keep him separated.

Someone on this site had a great suggestion on a site for training.  Umbilical cord Training. It sounds like it would be perfect for you IF you can spend the time to do it.

 I stay at home. So I am with mine 24/7 unless they are at doggie daycare. 

I have kiddy gates all over the house. In the main part they stay in the living room. This way when we are watching TV or something they are with us. I can see them from my kitchen and dinning room. When I am doing laundry or getting ready for the day I keep my bedroom door open but with a kiddy gate in the hallway to limit their access. This way they can always see or hear me and I can see or hear them. *this will allow him to get comfortable in the areas he is allowed without anxiety. Eventually you will be able to leave him in those areas without the separation anxiety. 

Have a training schedule.

It was insane until I locked down a schedule.

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