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Is my puppy a pure Husky?

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What do you guys think? I saw the parents and they are definitely pure but just making sure. He is about 8 weeks old according to the puppy parents and 11 or so pounds. Also, his left floppy ear worries me. Will it stand up? I hope it wasn’t caused by my petting. Thanks!







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4 hours ago, BingBlaze n Skyla said:

Looks pure to me , what makes you think he isn't? The ear will stand up on time, just don't play with it

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Thank you for letting me know. I have no idea honestly! Just wanted to be sure. Maybe his pattern?  And I’m happy to hear about the ear. He’s a great pup!

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thank you all for the kind comments ❤️


58 minutes ago, Luna the husky said:

Omg so cute, I think he’s part bandit.

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Oh he is a little devil! I love him 😂😂😂 (the joke almost flew over my head, thought bandit was an actual breed!)

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