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Hamilton this weekend?

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Anyone else watching the F1 this weekend? Do we thing Hamilton will be crowned Champion again at this one?

At the moment its looking like he may be, as Vettel has a 3 place grid drop. Either way, its only a matter of time until he does. Anything short of a miracle, and Vettel isnt going to catch him up in the championship now.

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Just saw the topic Hamilton and was there yesterday actually Hamilton SSPCA rescue centre Scotland after looking at a Husky wanting rehoming. The husky in question was featured in Daily Mail before Christmas and is called Cheyanne. They made a feature of her as singing. I saw her and yes she was singing. Shes cute friendly to people and full of bobbles of fur hanging off her. Having lost my Malamute years back that sang with my female Topaz Siberian  ive been looking for a singer to bring her singing back.

 So went to see and saw even got girl to come round to my van to show off to my two. no bad reaction but was not allowed for them to meet.

Problem is they got Cheyanne misdiagnosed as they will not rehome to anyone with any other dogs. They have not had any kinda husky expert or person with knowledge of huskys to do the assessment. She Cheyanne is a female husky and I think similar to my female very aggressive to dogs note I said we had stand off at 10ft and no reaction from my two or her so would have liked them to have met to actually have seen reaction with huskys meeting huskys. I did a walk through the cages and yes mine was all for going at all the dogs in there  so confirming of what a female husky thinks. 

 Lots of people looking in at her singing talents but they going to give her away to first sap  who not got a dog and no idea about huskys. Me I had a home two acres of garden and miles of mountainous rolling hills around me and if the singing got too loud nearest neighbour hundreds of yards away.

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SSPCA got back to us saying Cheyanne did not like dogs in cells next to her but ok passing other dogs on leads but when let off lead with other dogs was very aggressive on her personal space so they think not great with other dogs on reflexion  id think it was just husky hissy fit. As mine growls if I comb her. I just react with stern word. They say they waiting for right home rather than have her coming back or injuring another dog. She been in cells for months (October ).

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