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Husky to Husky Aggression


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Hi All,


I've been quiet for a while.... my new addition Snowball is having a hard time from "the boss" Taylor. (Both female.)


There have been a couple of bites and poor Snowball has tried to be submissive, but Taylor appears to get jealous of attention and lunges at Snowball unexpectedly. I step in of course as quickly as I can, but most recently Taylor bit Snowball on her right paw. It appeared that Taylor got jealous of Snowball when I arrived home. (now I'll go to Taylor first) However I didn't realise that Husky's could feel jealousy in this way.

Taylor hasn't been spayed, however Snowball has.


Does anyone have any advice towards stopping this sort of aggressive behaviour? It appears to be just towards Snowball, who arrived in June,


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I think getting Taylor spayed would help.

Maybe place training. So when you walk in, tell them to place and each one has to wait for their turn.

One of my pups get reverse aggression when dad comes home. I leash them when I see his car pull up and make them set. Once they calm down then he says Hi to them. Seems to be working.

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Cai and Luka blue used to compete for my affection and Luka would stand in front of me to block Cai off from me, even now when I come home they do this thing where they get noisy with each other. I use commands, ‘enough’ when they get too loud and then ‘what’s this’ and they immediately sit and get a small treat. Dominant behaviour can get out of control if not kept in check, Snowball hasn’t been with you for long and settling in with another dog can take a while, this is maybe something you could try,
When Cai (the dominant of the two) and Luka blue were fed and relaxed I’d sit them apart and I’d give Cai a treat and I’d sit by Luka blue and give him cuddles and fuss him for 5 mins, Cai would be watching and I’d tell him he was a good boy, then I’d swap over, Luka blue got the treat whilst I’d fuss Cai. I would do this a few times during the day and over time I’d increase the amount of time be fussing them whilst sitting them closer together, so that over time I’d managed to achieve fussing them one at a time without any reaction from either dog, you need to be consistent with this. I can play or show affection to one without jealous behaviour from the other, scientific studies have proven that dogs have a sense of fair play and it’s up to us to show them in the way we interact with them. Hope you find a solution [emoji1]

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